Whats inside?

This 8 session series, teaches our movement language from the ground up while keeping every single session different then the rest. There is repetition, as there always should be but we narrowed it down to the bare minimum, aiming for optimal balance between repetition and variation that is based on teaching hundreds of students over the years. Every session is about 75-90 minutes long and allow you to adjust the level of intensity depending on prior experience and current condition. No equipment needed (though we highly recommend a pull-up bar/something to hang from but it is totally optional and can be separated from the sessions).

Who is it for?

This intro is made for complete beginners and no prior experience is needed, that being said it also hold challenges for the more experienced practitioners, offering several levels of execution every step of the way, just like our classes.

What is the goal?

Our goal is to make locomotion accessible to every age and every level of physical ability. To break down the infinite world of locomotion to small enough pieces for everyone to digest and to give the tools and foundations for further learning.